Every undergraduate student is represented by a Senator based on their faculty affiliation. The Senators main role is to represent undergraduate students at the McGill Senate. Senators can relay their constituents’ concern to the McGill Senate, McGill Admin, the Faculty Association, or University-level committees.

To send an email to all Senators, direct your message to Note that since the SSMU President and VP University Affairs are also senators, emails sent to this address will also reach them.

2017-2018 Senators:

Isabella Anderson | Arts Senator


Isabella Anderson is a fourth year student in the Faculty of Arts majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Development and Communication Studies. While she has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada, she has called Thousand Oaks, California home for most of her life. She is passionate about improving communication between McGill and its student body, and hopes to advocate to the best of her ability when addressing the different issues that come up across campus, especially when it comes to Counseling and Students’ Academic Rights. The best advice she has ever received is to hold tight to your dreams and never let go, but to always remember to practice self-care!

Michael Nwabufo | Arts Senator


Hey everyone, I’m Michael and I’ll be one of your arts senators for this year. I’m currently a second year U2 student in economics and international development. I currently sit on the McGill Athletics Recreation Advisory Board, and the Committee on Enrollment and Student Affairs. I play second row for the McGill Rugby team and I love making recipes from the Tasty videos on Facebook. My future aspirations include being an ambassador. I’d also enjoy being a pilot, since I enjoy flying and travelling.

Jed Lenetsky | Arts and Science Senator


Jed Lenetsky is a U3 student in the Faculty of Arts and Science, studying environment and geography. As a senator for 2017-18, his academic interests at McGill include increasing funding for Arts and Sciences courses and administrative accountability. Jed’s favourite animal is the marine iguana and before finding his love for campus politics, he founded a hot sauce company.

Tre Mansdoerfer | Engineering Senator


What’s up Guys I’m Tre and I am this year’s Engineering Senator. I am currently in my third year, U3, studying Electrical Engineering. As for my hobbies, ball is life and my favourite basketball team is the Miami Heat. I am currently on the Committee on Student Services, the Subcommittee on Student Affairs Policy, and the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group, as well as working on my own projects concerning issues with the “McGill Context”. My favourite artist is Chance the Rapper and in the future I’d like to be an entrepreneur or a CEO. Favourite quote: “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna” -Lil’ Wayne

Fatima Anjum | Law Senator


Fatima is a 2L in the Faculty of Law. She is passionate about mental health, this topic is particularly important in the context of the Faculty of Law: legal professionals have a higher average of suicide cases and mental health concerns. The best advice that she has gotten is: do not to compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 12. Home for Fatima is where family and friends are.

Mariana Sosa | Social Work Senator


McGill University is on the unceded territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people which was previously a meeting place for other nations including the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee people. I am a U2 Social Work student that is specializing in working with Indigenous people who are experiencing homelessness in the greater Montreal area. I am trying to reconcile the work that I am doing with the legacy of abuse, racism and colonialism that my profession is historically guilty of, and of which it continues to uphold regarding its relationship with Indigenous communities. Home for me is wherever my family and my comics are. The best advice I’ve gotten is that even sharks need to rest, but I don’t know if sharks actually ever rest…

Ahmer Wali | Medicine Senator


Ahmer is a fourth year medical student. Having spent close to seven years at McGill [more specifically that one corner in McLennan], he’s learned to call it home. His interests include advocacy, baking and his 2 cats. His plans for the year involve sharing his expertise in medicine and working with his fellow senators towards a happier, healthier and safer campus.

Qi Yue He | Pt/Ot Senator


Qi Yue is a U1 Physical Therapy student specializing in Rehabilitation Science in Physical Therapy. Issues she would like to focus on this year are raising awareness and reducing stigma on Mental Health. Home for her is whenever her family is with her, where she feels comfortable with people she loves, and the best advice she’s ever gotten is to try not to take anything personally, no one thinks about you as much as you do.

Nahal Fansia | Nursing Senator


Nahal Fansia is a third year nursing student in the Faculty of Medicine. She is involved in promoting student learning, as well as supporting physical and mental health of students.To add, she cares about safety within McGill community. The best advice she heard is laugh to live and don't let your busy life get the best of you; do something selfish for yourself everyday.

Salma Youssef | Science Senator


Salma Youssef is a third year student in the Faculty of Science, studying biochemistry. Her focus this year is to push for the open educational resource (OER) movement at McGill. She will be working with libraries and deans to try and make educational materials more accessible to students and help decrease students’ financial burdens. The best advice she has heard and would like to pass forward is “try to learn something about everything and everything about something”. Always keep a sharp and open mind.

Muna Tojiboeva | SSMU President


Muna is a U3 Honours Political Science and Sociology student in the Faculty of Arts. Muna’s priorities include the promotion of International and Francophone students’ interests on campus as well as the encouragement of a meaningful dialogue between the McGill Alumni Association (MAA) and McGill Students. Sunny Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is where she calls home. The best advice she has ever received is to “just show up”, you would be amazed by what could happen when you take a chance and “just show up”!

Isabelle Oke | VP University Affairs


Isabelle is a 5th year Linguistics and Political Science student in the Faculty of Arts. She aims to increase access to education by increasing institutional supports for students formerly from care, and increasing the amount of Open Educational Resources (OERs) on campus. The best advice she’s gotten is to always do things with integrity !

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