MUSA Mandalas for Mental Health

The end of another term can bring a varying set of emotions and for many of us these emotions included high levels of stress and anxiety with looming finals, performances, juries, practicums etc.  It’s important not to become so over consumed in studying that you forget to check in with yourself and ensure #SelfCare.

The Music Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) has created a Self-Care Campaign feat. Finals: MUSA Mandalas for Mental Health to help students de-stress during this period. Mandala Located in the Strathcona Lobby, C-201, the Music Cafeteria, and the printers outside the E-Wing for students to sit and colour or to take one (or four) to go (because lets face it, students are always on the go!)

This time can be a very stressful time and busy time especially for music students but remember to take care of yourselves – in whatever way feels best to you! As always, if you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a MUSA exec, a friend, a faculty or admin member, McGill Mental Health, or the McGill Nightline (514-398-6246).

Remember, You Are More Important Than Your Finals!

MUSA Mandalas for Mental Health

Deferred Exam Pilot Project Takes Off

The Subcommittee on Student Undergraduate Advising (SUSA) has recently announced a new pilot project for the academic year.  The project is allowing first time exam deferring students to apply without the need for supporting documentation.  This policy was designed to allow students who need to defer exams due to medical or mental health circumstances, the opportunity to do so while helping to alleviate pressures on Health Services for required documentation.

The project (spanning the 2016-2017 academic year) applies to the following faculties:

  • Agricultural & Environmental Science
  • Arts (inclusive of Social Work & Religious Studies)
  • Education
  • Law
  • Management
  • Science

 For further questions, please contact your respective Student Affairs Office or visit the Deferred & Supplemental Exams Website