Fleeting February: Policies, Policies & more Policies

Despite being the shortest month, February sure has been hectic! Reading Week is close, so let’s push through this last week until the break. In the meantime, check out my February 23rd Report to the Legislative Council for all of the updates.

Recent UA highlights:

  • McGill Senate approved a motion to formally recognize & celebrate Black History Month every year
  • Proposed Policy Against Ancillary Fee Increases will be presented to the Winter General Assembly
  • Bringing SSMU Policy against Unpaid Internships, revised Equity Policy and revised Indigenous Solidarity Policy to Legislative Council this week for approval
  • Releasing research report on students coming from foster care in the coming days
  • Currently reviewing new draft Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) from the administration

Winter goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):