Late Semester Slowdown: November 14th Council Report

It’s that time of term: days are getting shorter, policies still aren’t writing themselves, and it’s hard to find energy to keep pushing projects forward. But the work continues, and you can check out the details in my November 17th Council Report. Also, don’t forget to vote for the SSMU Fall Referenda and General Assembly Ratification, ballots for which can be found at!

Recent UA highlights:

  • The final draft of the McGill Policy Against Sexual Violence, including many of our recommended changes, will be presented for approval at the November 23rd Senate meeting
  • We met with Student Services & the Dean of Students to voice our concerns with new medical note policies (documentation will only be provided to students already followed by a clinician or who qualify for restrictive “safety appointments”)
  • The VP University Affairs participated in a 3-day cyclical review of Enrolment Services (Service Point, Exams Office, Registrar, Admissions, & more), during which they provided detailed input based on student consultation
  • Senators submitted Senate questions regarding campus accessibility during construction & university regulation of unpaid internships
  • We continue to update the Student Rights website & develop Faculty association partnerships in preparation for the January “Know Your Rights” campaign (volunteer recruitment launching soon)
  • Mid-term performance evaluations are in-progress for portfolio student staff

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Over the Hump? Strikes, Medical Notes, & Service Point (November 3rd Council Report)

Another month gone! I hope it feels like you’re over the hump of midterms, although there’s still a ways to go. If you haven’t heard, the Association of McGill University Support Employees (AMUSE) is on strike through Wednesday, November 2nd. This means a full work stoppage is in force for all AMUSE members by law. Casual employees should check their pay stubs if they are unsure of their union status, and visit the AMUSE website to learn more (including about essential services and strike pay).

You should also watch for a new University Affairs listserv hitting your inbox soon. Otherwise, please check out my November 3rd Council Report for all the latest updates.

Recent highlights:

  • Student Services has unilaterally determined that medical notes will only be provided to students already followed by a clinician or who qualify for restrictive “safety appointments”
  • The VP University Affairs participated in a cyclical review of McGill Human Resources
  • Enrolment Services (Service Point, Exams Office, Registrar, Admissions, & more) is undergoing a cyclical review November 9th-11th; students can submit feedback here
  • Senators submitted Senate questions regarding campus accessibility during construction & university regulation of unpaid internships
  • Meetings are ongoing regarding revisions to the draft Policy Against Sexual Violence (Dean of Students, Associate Provost, Provost, external consultants, McGill Association of University Teachers, labour unions & more)

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Mid-Term(s) Updates: October 20th Council Report

Can you believe that we’re almost halfway through the semester? We hope that midterms are going well and that you’re still making time for self-care!

This past weekend at the Student Academic Summit, we officially launched our SSMU University Affairs website! The site is your centralized resource for information on student representation, research, and advocacy at McGill. Check out my October 20th report for other updates from the UA portfolio.

Recent highlights:

  • Proposed revisions to draft Policy Against Sexual Violence include centralized prevention & response office, recognition of professor-student relationships, & more
  • Submitted Senate question regarding relocation of McGill Bookstore
  • McGill Enrolment Services undergoing cyclical review this November; will be collecting student feedback on Service Point, Exams Office, Registrar, Admissions, & more
  • New Senior Director of Student Services announced: Martine Gauthier will begin in January
  • Town Hall on proposed smoke-free campus next Tuesday, October 25th from 2:30-4:30pm (Redpath Museum Auditorium)
  • Organizing cultural appropriation workshop for next week

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Sexual Violence Policy Recommendations & Extended Summit Registration: October 13th Council Report

Registration for the 2nd Annual Student Academic Summit has been extended until this Wednesday, October 12th at 11:59PM. Sign up here to benefit from our many insightful speakers and presentations! Read my October 13th report to learn more about what’s going on this week.

Recent highlights:

  • Release of SSMU-PGSS consultation report on the draft McGill Policy Against Sexual Violence
  • Consultation surveys on classroom repairs, textbook costs, and international health insurance
  • Launch of a survivor-led campaign for Quebec legislation on campus sexual assault policies
  • Attended AVEQ Members Assembly October 8-9 at Concordia University
  • Conducting internal scan of unpaid internships & meeting with administrative offices
  • Submitted October Senate questions on bookstore relocation & regulation of unpaid internships
  • Upcoming reviews for Human Resources (October 24-26) & Enrolment Services (November 9-11)

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Sexual Violence Policy Focus Groups & Academic Summit Registration: September 29th Council Report

As our first month of orientation and training is wrapping up, we’re working hard to kick off portfolio committees and term projects! There have been many developments in the University Affairs portfolio, from consultations on the draft McGill Policy Against Sexual Violence to the launch of registration for our 2nd Annual Student Academic Summit (sign up by Friday, October 7th at 5:00PM). Read my full report to the September 29th Legislative Council to find out more.

Recent highlights:

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Welcome to the Term: September 15th Council Report


Welcome to a new school year! My name is Erin Sobat and I’m incredibly excited to be serving as your SSMU VP University Affairs for 2016-2017. The UA team is responsible for university representation and academic affairs; research, advocacy, and policy development; equity programming and complaints; and the Library Improvement Fund. You can always get in touch via email or drop by my office hours on Thursdays between 10:00AM-12:00PM. Check out my first report to the SSMU Legislative Council to find out what I’ve been up to!

Some project highlights:

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):

Executive Goals & Objectives 2016-2017

As an undergraduate student on the downtown campus, you are automatically a SSMU member. SSMU defends your interests to the University, the local community, and the government. It’s your advocate and support, providing you with resources and opportunities, ensuring that your money is put to good use, and voicing your concerns to the University and other groups.

Do you want to know what each Executive does? What are their plans for this academic year? Check out the SSMU Executive Goals & Objectives (2016-2017).

Some highlights from the Vice-President (University Affairs) include:

  • Working for the smoother integration of Mental Health & Counselling Services;
  • Combatting abuses of ancillary fees, including ending central overhead deductions;
  • Advocating for an effective McGill Sexual Violence Policy;
  • Implementing a Fall Reading Break in the academic calendar;
  • Passing a SSMU Policy Against Unpaid Internships;
  • Establishing dedicated racialized student support resources;
  • Developing a more consistent & equitable model of academic accommodations.

Have questions about these objectives? Watch for bi-weekly reports from the VP University Affairs to the SSMU Legislative Council, or get in touch now.