Senate Caucus Biweekly Report for Sept 26-Oct 10, 2016

Add-drop is over, and as we students get more serious, so do the Senators! Here is the biweekly report of the SSMU Senate Caucus for September 26-October 10. You can also find our previous biweekly reports here.

A few highlights:

  • The Senators discussed in length the draft Policy Against Sexual Violence that was recently circulated. Some Senators also worked with their Faculty Associations to gather faculty-specific feedback.
  • One of the Senators, Casarina, have started doing research under the McGill Library regarding students’ experience with textbooks and open-access educational resources. Fill out her survey here.
  • The North Wing of the Stewart Biology Building is planned to undergo renovations starting the Winter 2018 term.

Minutes of each Senate Caucus meeting is available upon request via email.

If you’re interested in attending a Senate Caucus meeting to learn more about what the Senators do, feel free to email me (the UA Secretary) to get more information. Senate Caucus meetings are held every Monday at 6:30 PM in the SSMU Office.

Sexual Violence Policy Recommendations & Extended Summit Registration: October 13th Council Report

Registration for the 2nd Annual Student Academic Summit has been extended until this Wednesday, October 12th at 11:59PM. Sign up here to benefit from our many insightful speakers and presentations! Read my October 13th report to learn more about what’s going on this week.

Recent highlights:

  • Release of SSMU-PGSS consultation report on the draft McGill Policy Against Sexual Violence
  • Consultation surveys on classroom repairs, textbook costs, and international health insurance
  • Launch of a survivor-led campaign for Quebec legislation on campus sexual assault policies
  • Attended AVEQ Members Assembly October 8-9 at Concordia University
  • Conducting internal scan of unpaid internships & meeting with administrative offices
  • Submitted October Senate questions on bookstore relocation & regulation of unpaid internships
  • Upcoming reviews for Human Resources (October 24-26) & Enrolment Services (November 9-11)

Fall goals completed to-date (italics = since last report):