The VP University Affairs is responsible for coordinating undergraduate representation to the University; working with the student senators and other associations on advocacy projects; overseeing student research initiatives; operationalizing equity through policies and programming; and distributing the Library Improvement Fund. You can find the full job description here. Some major projects over the 2015-16 year included:

The 2016-2017 University Affairs Final Report will be available shortly.


In addition to working with the other Executives and full-time staff members, the VP UA supervises five regular student staff positions at SSMU:

  • Secretary-General (University Affairs)
  • Policy & Advocacy Research Commissioner
  • Equity Commissioners (2)
  • Library Improvement Fund Commissioner

You can read about this year’s team here.


The following groups or committees fall under the University Affairs portfolio:

  • Student Senate Caucus
  • McGill Academic Roundtable (MART)
  • SSMU University Affairs Committee (UAC)
  • SSMU Equity Committee
  • SSMU Library Improvement Fund Committee (LIFC)

The mandates for all SSMU committees can be found in the Committee Terms of Reference.


The VP UA is delegated certain responsibilities under the following SSMU policies:

  • Equity Policy
  • Indigenous Solidarity Policy
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Policy on Support for Family Care
  • Policy against Unpaid Internships
  • Policy on Consent Education & Sexual Violence-Related Advocacy
  • Policy for a Campus Free from Harmful Military Technology
  • Global Access to Medicines Policy
  • Smoking on Campus Policy

These mandates can be found in the SSMU Policy & Plan Book. The VP UA also receives general direction from the General Assembly and the Legislative Council. The full lists of decisions from these bodies can be found in the Legislative Council Resolution Book and the General Assembly Resolution Book.