Senate Caucus Biweekly Report for Nov 7-21, 2016

Read the report here. Read the highlights after the jump.

November 24, 2016 | Rene Iwo | The Senators' blog


Presenting the SSMU Senators’ fifth biweekly report! You can also find our previous biweekly reports here.

A few highlights:

  • The Senators attended the annual Joint Board-Senate Meeting, with the topic of “McGill’s Sustainability Plans and Initiatives” on Thursday, November 10. The discussions have been compiled into a report presented to the November Senate here.
  • We discussed the recent changes to access for urgent care at McGill’s Counselling and Mental Health Service (CAMH). The recent changes left a gap in which students who do not fall into the category of “Safety Appointments” are left without any options for urgent mental health service at McGill. We are working together with CAMH to address this issue.
  • We discussed the policy for preferred first names. From now on, all issues related to preferred first names can be addressed to Heidi Emami (the Associate Registrar in charge of the preferred first name policy).

Minutes of each Senate Caucus meeting is available upon request via email.

If you’re interested in attending a Senate Caucus meeting to learn more about what the Senators do, feel free to email me (the UA Secretary) to get more information. Senate Caucus meetings are held every Monday at 6:30 PM in the SSMU Office.